FAQs About Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal

Is micro-suction safe?

Yes, it is the safest and most effective method of wax removal. With Micro-suction there is no water involved so people with a perforated ear drum can have the procedure.

Do I need to use any softening drops prior to my appointment?

This is not essential but the use of olive oil before an appointment can help to soften hard wax and make removal quicker. Olive oil spray can also be used during the procedure if necessary.

How long does it take to have micro-suction?

Appointments are usually half an hour which allows for both ears to be treated in one appointment.

How often should I have micro-suction wax removal?

This varies between people. Some people develop a lot of ear wax and need it removing as often as every 6 months whilst others can go years. With micro-suction the wax latches onto or gets sucked up the suction probe with no water involved, therefore micro-suction can be carried out as frequently as needed.

Does micro-suction hurt?

This method of wax removal is unlikely to be painful. The only issue people notice is the sound of the machine which can be loud but is quick to become accustomed to.

I have a perforated eardrum. Can I have micro suction?

Yes micro-suction is the safest method of removing wax with perforated ear drums.

Can I fly after having micro-suction?

Yes, it is safe to fly after having micro-suction.

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